Outback Story Generator

Outback Story Generator is an online story-sharing project that will engage young people from the towns of Hay, Griffith and Deniliquin in southwest NSW. This project will reach 200 young people across 300 kilometres and run from the 3rd March to the 17th April 2014.

Playwright Jessica Bellamy will work with young people to develop their unique ‘Outback’ stories. As you will see on this site in the coming weeks, the stories will be developed in a variety of forms such as monologues, scripts, short stories, radio plays, poems, and songs. We will then share them right here, on the Outback Story Hub, and share across the three towns through digital classroom technology. We are also tracking the seven-week residency from Jessica’s perspective in a blog here. In addition to showcasing student work, the site will also be a way to create connections between young people to other young people in similar communities who have shared experiences.

Jessica Bellamy will spend two full weeks in Griffith; facilitating playwriting workshops and creative writing opportunities for young people in years 7-12 at Griffith High School. At the end of her residency, a presentation of the works will be streamed live to classrooms in Hay and Deniliquin. Then she will spend two weeks in Hay and Deniliquin, following the same process. During the process, Jessica will identify two exceptional young people from each town who demonstrate high-level writing skills and will invite them to take part in a one-week holiday intensive from 14-17 April 2014 in Deniliquin (a play writing Boot-camp!). They will be given the opportunity to take their work a step further and formulate their pitch to the Emerge: Riverina Playwright Project commission.

You can see the who series of stories HERE or us the tabs to browse by town. We hope you enjoy the stories.


  • 1 Playwright
  • 3 Towns
  • 1 Website
  • Over 300 Young People
  • Over 80 on-line stories shared with the world

It's... Outback Story Generator!