Griffith is the first cab off the rank for the Outback Story Generator Project. Jessica has been working with Year 10 English students from Griffith High.

Some fun facts about Griffith:

  • By far the biggest town involved in this project, Griffith has a population of 24,364
  • Griffith is the regional centre of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area an abundant, picturesque oasis in an area which the explorer John Oxley described in 1817 as being "uninhabitable and useless to civilised man"
  • While in Griffith, Jessica discovered THIS interesting story about a Hermit living in a cave.
  • Griffith contained no traffic lights up until February 2010 when the first set of traffic lights was installed at the intersection of Burrell Place and Wakaden Street. (Hay and Deniliquin are yet to have traffic lights installed)

In their two weeks together, Jessica and the writers have worked across a variety of forms, including short stories, poetry, monologue and scripts.

They have written about local folklore, including Griffith's famous Hermit Cave and its inhabitant, Valerio Ricetti.

Jessica will finish up in Griffith on Friday 14 March 2014 before heading off to Hay.


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